Sibling Serenity Canal Day Four

This is our second sea day heading for Caldera. Owen and I have our routine pretty well in hand. We both go to bed at about the same time. He gets up at 6:30 and goes to the gym. I struggle awake at 8:30 and gulp down the coffee he brings. We then go to the Lido for breakfast. We sit outside on the stern deck.

If there is a breeze it is more breezy there than by the pool. We are keeping a tally of what has been blown away from our table to either a lower deck or all the way to sea. So far:

2 napkins

part of a salad

two bacon strips

A woman seating at the table next to us had her napkin sail away. I told her she was supposed to yell “napkin overboard” and point. My wife will hate to read this, but I am carrying a napkin everywhere I go hoping to give it to her and say it was recovered and the Captain sends his thanks. Stay tuned.

I was sleepy during the day. I’m sure it was the Asian food. Owen tells me that garlic lowers the blood pressure. Thus I may have, not an allergy, but a super sensitivity. Or maybe some vampiresh DNA.

As I have mentioned the food on Serenity is good, good, good. The Bistro serves snacks, all styles of coffee, no charge. Each night our butler brings a special appetizer. Tonight it’s a large dollop of caviar with all the accouterments plus wonderful pâté.

This makes both Owen and I weight conscious. I got on the electronic scale in the gym. Depending on the wave motion I weigh between 172 and 182. I guess I’ll won’t check again until we’re  firmly at a pier.

We were surprised at dinner when our table group said they were having mussels for a starter. They had asked the maître d’ for them at noon the day before. Indeed, a hot cauldron of just cooked mussels with enough for all arrived. They were exceptionally good. Apparently, just about anything you want you can get. After all, this is Crystal.

My main course was Dover Sole. The most perfectly prepared I have had in any restaurant ever.

Tonight’s show showcases seldom heard Broadway songs. It’s Standing Room Only. Hard to believe I am actually looking forward to seeing a cruise ship show. I do wish one of these shows could be videoed for YouTube.

Again, the best I’ve seen on or off Broadway. John Ellis is peerless.

The choreography is intricate at times, but makes total sense.

This was the after dinner show, and those of us whose full tummies could squeeze out of their seats stood and bravo’s rang out.

No more going to the gym to weigh myself. Owen found a scale tucked away in our bathroom. He works out every morning, walks a mile every day, and has gained a few pounds. Just a few. I’ve lost a pound. Owen attributes my weight loss to aging. Whatever.

Tomorrow, third day at sea.

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