Sibling Serenity Canal Day 7

We’re at sea today. It’s a lovely morning although I didn’t see much of it.  I didn’t ask Owen, but I’m sure Prego means garlic in Italian. Most of my morning was spent sleeping. This is such a boring allergy.

Lunch again at Lido. Numerous staff takes good care of all. Coffee is brought to the table as is anything else one might want. Refills, clearing, all done with a smile. I get a particular kick there as many of the guys call me by name. Not Mr. Edwards, but Geoff. Our favorite is Roxanna. She seems to be everywhere we are, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Owen and a waiter from Serbia talk about motorcycles and those who race them. Alessandro has Ducati everything; shirts, leathers, etc. but no Ducati. His wife won’t let him ride a motorcycle. Maybe this is why:

The internet on Serenity is fast. On many ships, it is a tedious task getting connected and then transmitting. I know I’m getting repetitious, but this is Crystal. Even the deck lights react to light and dark and turn on automatically. Last evening the lights went on as the clouds closed in. Yo, wait a minute. The sun popped through a hole in the overcast as it set. Lights off.

Do you remember the woman whose napkin flew overboard? I saw her in the food line today and walked up to her. I handed her a duplicate napkin and told her the folks on Deck 2 asked me to return it to her. She stared at me longer than I liked, and then burst into laughter.

There is music everywhere on Serenity. Piano players,

the small Serenity group with singer,

and sometimes the show band and they do sound good. The string quartette, four ladies from Russia, plays every night and Owen loves classical music.

Is it really the music?

Tomorrow, the Panama Canal


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