Sibling Senerity Canal Day three

This is the first of three days at sea heading to Caldera, Costa Rica. The weather today is a bit overcast with sun poking through, and the sea calm.

What makes Crystal Crystal? Well, not sure about others, but for Owen and me it is the friendliness of the crew. Servers in the Lido have fun with us as we do with them. Big smiles when we approach. We had dinner at Silk Road and our waitress was from Manila. Since Silk Road is a Japanese style restaurant. I spoke to her in Japanese. She answered. Her Japanese was, of course much better than mine, but her face lit up. Owen then made some droll remark and the next thing we knew we were all friends. She told us she had just broken up with her boyfriend two days past. Then we talked about how tough that must be with both on the same ship.

We will walk along and a crew member will smile and say, “Good to see you again.” I was looking for some shaving cream to buy and went into the Jewelry section of the ship’s stores. Instead of pointing in the right direction, the clerk had me follow him to where sundries were sold. He then presented me to the female helper and she took me to the shaving cream. Amazing attention to passengers. This is Crystal!

Lunch was Asian style on deck.

Good stuff, but what got me smiling and away from generalities was the Asian couple who only ate lettuce. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The Captain made an announcement on the ship’s PA system. “Dolphins on the starboard side.” Indeed there were some twenty or so up for air then down for fish. They were kind of in a circle and had no interest in the ship grinding by.

I’ve talked about the smiles from all. All that is except one. She goes about her duties, picking up, putting down with lips pressed unhappily together. Owen and i came up with different scenarios about what was saddening her. I made it my goal to get her to smile. She did. But only for the camera. She smiled, but we never saw her show her teeth again. Maybe that’s the Austrian way.

Our room stewardess is always bubbly.

Our butler is a motorcycle enthusiast and he and Owen share stories. He is a butler, but not above betting with me as to which elevator will come to the floor first. So far I’ve won each time. Nothing, of course changes hands, but I have to quell the urge to immediately go to the Casino.

After dinner we walked by the movie theater. The feature was Sherlock Holmes; A Game Of Shadows. Owen said he had no interest. There is a more disguised entrance to the theater around the corner. As we passed that, Owen went in. He came out about an hour later. i asked him why he stayed when he wasn’t interested.

“I get captivated by film.* he said.

I thought for a while about all this and realized I too get captivated… naps. But I’m not alone in this.


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