New On Avid Cruiser: CruiseBuzz, Photography Tips, Our Team Of Intrepid Travelers & A Few Thoughts About Quirky Sweden

Bathrobes in Båstad, Sweden. © Ralph Grizzle

I arrived back in Sweden just a couple of days ago. This is one quirky nation, let me tell you. But before digressing too much, I want to let you know about what’s new on the Avid Cruiser website. So sit tight. I’ll be back at the end of this post.

Cruise Photography Tips

I am learning a lot about photography, thanks to a new blog here on Avid Cruiser, hosted by David Smith. David teaches photography courses on cruise ships. His wife Anna conducts handicraft workshops, and together they cruise the world. Not a bad gig, right? While they are cruising, David will be updating his blog with photos, articles such as tips for getting better photographs — and a lot more. One tip from David: Don’t rest the camera on a shaking hand rail. Uh-oh. Okay, I’ll never do that again David.

Want to catch up on David’s posts? Click the links below.

  • Update on a Simple Flash Technique for all Digital Cameras – Dave’s Dynamo Effect
  • Spot Focusing for Better Images
  • Make Your Images Rock!

Welcome Aboard: The Cruise Industry’s Social Hostess

Carrie Finley-Bajak is all atwitter. Keeping up with cruise industry news via the web and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest can be a full-time job. Thanks to Carrie’s bi-weekly reports, we can read a one page summary of the best cruise stories buzzing on the net. Check out the best of what’s buzzing in the cruise industry with Carrie here on Avid Cruiser. Read more.

Avid Cruiser’s Intrepid Travelers

Wallace Immen got a rare opportunity to meet a witty and eccentric windmill master on an excursion organized by Avalon Waterways.

Aaron Saunders continues to consume martinis on a luxury expedition cruise in the British Isles. Hurry, if you want to catch his installments. The bottle runs dry in three days when Aaron disembarks.

Geoff Edwards details his daily routine on Crystal Serenity. My side hurts from laughing. He writes:

We are keeping a tally of what has been blown away from our table to either a lower deck or all the way to sea. So far:

  • 2 napkins
  • part of a salad
  • two bacon strips

Me? I’m still reliving that French Country Waterways barge cruise through Burgundy. I’ve posted several new items in the past few days, but I thought you might also want to know what it’s like to barge through Burgundy. I can’t give you the full experience, but if you’ll use your imagination after clicking play in the accompanying video, you will get a sense of the idyllic days of barging Burgundy.

Trouble viewing the video? Click here.

Want to read more about French Country Waterways? See all of our posts from this week at the links below.

Now, back to Sweden. Those bathrobes? They’re sort of a status symbol here in Sweden. If you’re seen wearing a bathrobe in town, it means that you live on prized property, which in Sweden, means near the sea. The older the bathrobe, the better, I am told. If you’re wearing your grandmother’s bathrobe, it means the home has been in the family for generations. Perhaps the story is not completely true, but the spirit of it is. These former Vikings love the sea.

If you’re visiting Sweden late May through early June, you’ll get to witness the Swedish rite of passage known as Studenten, yet another quirky tradition. Basically, it’s a celebration for students graduating the equivalent to high school in the United States, but that description does little to convey what Studenten is like. I’ve posted a video here: Studenten In Stockholm: An Event You Won’t Want To Miss – YouTube

I love Sweden, and it’s great to be back. My daughter will be joining me on Friday in Stockholm. She’s in for a treat. And so am I. I’ll tell you more about our plans, which include a cruise on the world’s oldest ship still in operation, later this week.

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