Burger & Shake In Barcelona — On Oceania Riviera, Of Course

Happyburger and fries from Waves on Oceania Riviera.

Burgers aren’t in my regular regimen, but someone on Oceania Riviera told me I HAD to try the burger from the pool deck grill known as Waves. I had one for lunch today, and now I can say, You HAVE to try the burger at Waves if you are on board any of the Oceania Cruises’ vessels. The Signature Black Angus burgers are delicious.

Now, what goes better with a burger than a shake? Fortunately, or not so fortunately for those watching their waistlines, ice cream and shakes are also available at Waves.

Admittedly, burgers and shakes are not the most nutritionally desirable foods you could put in your tummy, so skip the bread, sample the fries and sip only half of the shake if you want to be good. Otherwise, dig in!

Shake & a smile from the ever-gracious staff on Riviera.
That's the way I like it . . .
The menu at Waves pool grill.

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