An Evening To Remember, Dinner On Deck And A Gorgeous Sunset

Dinner with Aaseruds on the open decks of Oceania Riviera.

It would be hard to imagine a more perfect setting or a more perfect evening.

Earlier in the day, Gunnar Aaserud, the architect who designed Oceania Riviera, told me how much he and his wife enjoyed dinner at the Terrace Cafe on Deck 12. Being Scandinavians, of course, they take advantage of every opportunity to sit outside in the sunlight.

This evening I joined the Aaseruds as we sailed away from Valencia, Spain. It was a gorgeous evening. Frank del Rio stopped by our table, calling it the best seat in the house. It certainly was a lovely spot to dine, with the sun slowly setting and the churning of the sea in the ship’s wake.

We sat there for perhaps a couple of hours. The sun slipped below the horizon but continued to send brushstrokes of pink and orange across the darkening sky. It was an evening to remember and one that can be repeated nearly every day at sea.

Nothing less than a work of art.

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