727 Differences On Riviera

Oceania riviera 2
A friendly welcome aboard and a helping hand from Berlie, on Oceania Riviera

On the way from the train station to the port in Monte Carlo, I bumped into Bob Binder, vice chairman of Oceania Cruises. He told me there are 727 differences between Oceania Riviera and Marina. One of the biggest changes, he says: higher ceilings in the restaurants. One of the smallest: moving the wait stations for better flow. I’ll check out some of the changes this week, as I report live from the Oceania Riviera.

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  • Next time you see Bob say hello for Cal & Pat from California.

  • Very much looking forward to your reports on the new Riviera since we cruised the Med. on the sister ship Marina in the fall of 2011.  Enjoyed that a lot but very curious to see the differences including the decor in the public areas and the staterooms/suites.

    • There’s no list. We’re only concerned with the big changes. Most were structural. We published the biggest change. Did you see that article?


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