Cruise Planner: Midsommar & Other Events You Will Not Want To Miss When Cruising To/From Stockholm

August Strindberg – a literary icon in Sweden Photo courtesy of Nordiska museet
August Strindberg – a literary icon in Sweden whose works will be on exhibit this summer. Photo courtesy of Nordiska museet

One hundred years after August Strindberg passed away, his lifetime achievements continue to glow as brightly as ever. Strindberg is probably the most well-known Swedish author of all times (despite Stieg Larsson’s more recent success with the Millennium trilogy). The fact that it’s been 100 years since Strindberg passed away will not go unnoticed in Stockholm, which was the city he called home.

With novels such as The Red Room (Röda rummet), Natives of Hemsö (Hemsöborna), and Inferno, plus a number of plays, Strindberg firmly established himself as the most prominent Swedish author of the 19th century. He was also an acknowledged painter. He was apparently aware of his achievements. One of his most well known quotes was, “My fire is the largest in Sweden.”

Be that as it may, Swedes have taken him to their hearts over the years. As a reflection of that fact, Nordiska Museet opened a new Strindberg exhibition that will be on display for the remainder of 2012. The exhibition focuses on Strindberg’s life and works.

The Strindberg exhibition is only one of the activities that we recommend for cruise ship visitors to Sweden’s capital in 2012. Below are some  events you may want to put on your must-see list when cruising to or from Stockholm. Read more on the Stockholm Cruise Blog.

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