Avid Cruiser Feature Video: Venerable Venice, Italy

No matter where you look in Venice, there’s a photo waiting to transformed into a lasting memory. And no matter where you end up in Venice, there’s always something to delight the senses.

MSC’s Magnifica towers over the Venetian waterfront.

Welcome to a city built on the water, a city where you get around on foot or by boat. You simply cannot come to Venice for the first time without getting out on a gondola.

Fabio, our gondolier, takes us along the Grand Canal.

To be paddled along the Grand Canal is something you will never, ever forget. I enjoy the small side canals also, having to duck my head under the low bridges. Gondolas and boats rule in Venice, but it’s also fun to explore by foot. And remember it’s okay to lose yourself in Venice.

Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas sails past the Venice waterfront.

You never know what you could discover. Travel by boat to the charming island of Murano, home to some of the world’s most famous glass artists.

You can tour a factory and even see how the masters craft hot glass into works of art. On the nearby island of Burano, lace-making is an old tradition, and here too you will see works of arts of a different sort being crafted. Venice seems to bring out the inner artist in everyone.

The leaning tower of . . . Burano

To create your own art, you’ll definitely want to have your camera handy, especially at sprawling St. Mark’s Square. St. Mark’s is almost as well known for its pigeons as it is its beautiful cathedral, and certainly pigeons have made for many fun photographs.

Approaching Saint Mark’s Square

My advice is to get out an explore on foot and on the canals. Stop in a bar for a Venetian spritz, just as the locals do.

Then head out for one last look as the sun begins to set to release your inner artist and capture one final lasting memory of Venice, Italy.

Venice Cultural & Shopping Guide
In this special guide, you’ll meet artisans and their shops recommended by The Avid Cruiser.

Made In Venice

Cultural and Shopping Guide

Index of Articles

Tips For Getting The Most From Your Visit

Some of the shops featured in this guide are open to visitors by appointment only. Some are open only to groups. Call ahead to be safe or check the respective websites. Also, even Venetians sometimes get lost in Venice, so plan extra time to find your way.

The Made In Venice guide was sponsored with underwriting from the Venezia Passenger Terminal www.vtp.it

Special thank you to CONFARTIGIANATO and PROMOVETRO.

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