Cruising Down Under In Photos & Videos: Highlights Of Australia & New Zealand On Silver Shadow

Australia has more creatures that can kill you than any other continent. Heed the warnings: In the outback, be sure to close the door to the bathroom!

Just this past Friday night, I arrived back home after a back-to-back cruise exploring Australia and New Zealand on Silver Shadow. The two voyages spanned 33 nights, and visited more than a dozen destinations Down Under.

Highlights of the cruise:

  • Crossing the Tasman Sea, twice. One crossing was, as Hotel Director Flavio Gioia put it, “a bit uphill.” Fortunately, I experienced absolutely no motion sickness from the gentle, constant rocking during the three-day crossing. The second crossing was calm all the way across back to Australia. There, now I can say I have sailed the Tasman Sea — twice.
  • Seeing Sydney, twice. What a treat it was to be docked in this gorgeous (and expensive) city. On the first voyage, Silver Shadow overnighted in Sydney. Docked at The Rocks, Silver Shadow served as the perfect launching pad for exploring Sydney on foot. The city center was only a few steps away. Sydney’s birthplace, known as The Rocks, was at our doorstep. My suite featured a balcony facing the Sydney Opera House. On the return cruise, Silver Shadow docked at Darling Harbor, providing a different perspective on the city and the chance to sail under the famed Harbour Bridge.
  • Overnighting in Melbourne. Silver Shadow also visited Melbourne twice on the back-to-back. On the first visit, I toured outside Melbourne, in the Yarra Valley, where some of Australia’s great wines are produced. An overnight on the second visit allowed me to experience Melbourne in a different way, as there was no rush to get back to the ship, so that I could explore the city center until late.
  • Getting to know New Zealand. My last visit to New Zealand was 27 years ago. A lot has changed — and a lot hasn’t. I still found it to be a place of quiet beauty. I experienced New Zealand’s natural wonders, such as the geothermal pools in Rotorua, and visited some of the country’s great wineries. Silver Shadow cruised through gorgeous, and misty, Milford Sound, visited towns and cities punctuating both the North and South islands, and turned around in Auckland to begin a new voyage, with more than a dozen of us staying on for the back-to-back.

There were many more highlights, some portrayed in the photos and videos below.

A couple of things remain with me days after returning. One is that cruising is a value-oriented way to take the dive Down Under. Australia has become quite pricey since I was last there in the 1990s. Dinners can easily set you back more than $100. Lunch wasn’t cheap either. A simple kebab platter could cost as much as $20 with a beverage. I didn’t price hotels or airfares for getting around, but it’s a safe bet that cruising can save you a bundle Down Under.

Another thing that remained with me was that Australia and New Zealand were refreshing changes of pace. They reminded me of America without the hustle and bustle and constant breathlessness. Down Under, there’s time to breathe.

Here are a few more highlights from the cruise in photos and videos.

Sydney, Australia

Our cruise departed Sydney and sailed along the coast of Australia, taking us to Melbourne and Hobart before crossing the Tasman Sea to New Zealand.
Silver Shadow was docked close to Sydney's major attractions, within view of the Sydney Opera House and within walking distance of the city center, with The Rocks, Sydney's birthplace, at our doorstep.
Kangaroo Craze: Louis Vuitton's version of the marsupial that Australians sometimes refer to as "Skippy."
From my balcony on Silver Shadow, I could look out on The Sydney Opera House.
All hands on deck for the departure from Sydney, Australia.
Leaving Sydney, Silver Shadow meets the open sea.

Watch Silver Shadow’s Sail Away From Sydney. Or to read more, click on the links below:

Melbourne, Australia

On a shore excursion from Melbourne, I saw koalas aplenty.
Yellow cab? Taxis lined up in Melbourne, Australia.
One of the popular shore excursions from Silver Shadow included high tea in a tramcar.

I joined a shore excursion in Melbourne that took me out to the Yarra Valley, where I sampled wines and saw koalas and got to ride on a steam engine. Check out this feature video: Cuddly Koalas, Kangaroos & A Steam Engine Ride On A Silversea Shore Excursion.

Hobart, Tasmania

Where do you find these cute creatures? Where else? Tasmania.

There’s a lot more to Tasmania than Tasmanian Devils, but alas, that is what many of us wanted to see when Silver Shadow called in Hobart. I joined a fun, full-day shore excursion, highlighted in this video: Kissing Tasmanian Devils, Hand-Feeding Koalas & Kangaroos, On A Silversea Shore Excursion

You may also want to read:

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Silver Shadow’s first contact with New Zealand (on our voyage from Tasmania) was Milford Sound, which was weepy and misty when we visited, just as it should have been perhaps. On the voyage before ours, Milford Sound was bathed in sunlight, according to crew members. I had seen Milford Sound in sunlight more than two decades ago. Misty or sunny, Milford Sound is certainly one of the most beautiful spots on the planet.

Dunedin, New Zealand

On the morning Silver Shadow arrived in Dunedin, I saw something unusual from my balcony: a train. Along with many others from the ship, I stepped from the gangway to board the train for a half-day journey along the rails into gorgeous countryside. Check it out in the video Silver Shadow Shore Excursion From Dunedin, New Zealand, The Taieri Train Gorge Railway

Akaroa, New Zealand

Silver Shadow anchored off Akaroa

I thought Akaroa was a hidden gym, but then I learned that the day before, two vessels, one large, the other small, had spewed out a couple thousand passengers on this village. Silver Shadow courted Akaroa alone on the day we anchored in a beautiful bay with a green, mountainous backdrop.

Akaroa is a French-inspired town, though when I stepped ashore, there was little doubt that I was in New Zealand and not Saint Tropez. Still, I got a “joie de vivre” feeling strolling along the waterfront.

Charming Akaroa is a French-inspired town and a relatively new port of call for cruise ships.

Tauranga, New Zealand

The extinct volcano Mauao greets ships approaching Tauranga

Tauranga was absolutely stunning on Silver Shadow’s approach. The ship glided past iconic Mauao (Mount Maunganui) to dock on the waterfront, where many of us boarded a bus for Rotorua. Seeing the Maori culture and experiencing the geothermal hotbed in Rotorua was a treat, but I wish we would have had more time in Tauranga. I certainly wouldn’t mind returning one day.

Check out the video: From Silver Shadow In Tauranga: Touring New Zealand’s ‘Geothermal Wonderland’

Auckland, New Zealand

Silver Shadow approached Auckland in the early morning and departed late in the evening. The ship docked a few steps from the city center.

Although the city of Auckland was only a few steps away, I spent most of the day in the Hilton beside Silver Shadow, catching up with home, work and using broadband. Still, I enjoyed the approach and sail-away, even if catching up prevailed, and I had to spend the day “in the office.”

Napier, New Zealand

Silver Shadow visited Napier, New Zealand, with its beautiful dark-sand beaches.

I visited Napier twice on Silver Shadow. On the first call, I joined an excellent shore excursion to the Mission Estate Winery. Check out the video Silver Shadow Shore Excursion In New Zealand: Mission Estate Winery Tour, Tasting & Lunch.

On the second visit, I hung out in Napier, a beautiful city that bills itself as the Art Deco Capital of the World. I spent the day wandering around the city center, stopping into the Art Deco center and even found time for a run along an extended boardwalk. Read more about Napier, Stuck In Time: Silver Shadow Calls On The Self-Proclaimed Art Deco Capital Of The World, Napier, New Zealand

Napier bills itself as The World's Art Deco Capital
Classic all-around, Napier.

Wellington, New Zealand

High above Wellington with Silver Shadow docked far below.

Windy Wellington greeted Silver Shadow with warm, partly sunny weather, which made for the right conditions for our Seal Safari. Our trip in four-wheel drive vehicles took us for a brief tour of the city center, before heading up for a view of the city and harbor.  After a brief stop for photographs, we headed over the mountain and along a remote seashore — it felt remote although it was only a short drive from Wellington. See the video: Silver Shadow Docks In Wellington, New Zealand: Scouting Seals On A Coastal Safari

In Wellington, we went off-road to see seals and a beautiful shoreline.
One of the many seals we saw on our Seal Safari in Wellington.

Silver Shadow departed Wellington late at night under a full moon. The sail-away was absolutely stunning. Next stop, South Island.

Silver Shadow sailed from Wellington under an intense moon.

Picton, New Zealand

In Picton, New Zealand, local ladies greet cruise passengers with flowers picked from their gardens.

I visited Picton twice on Silver Shadow. Picton is a charming pint-sized town on the South Island of New Zealand. I was impressed by the flower ladies who greeted us, giving passengers small flowers that the ladies grew in their gardens.

Three of us rented bicycles on the waterfront for a one-hour ride, each way, to Karaka Point Historic Reserve, an old Maori settlement. Check out the video of our Mountain Bike Ride In Picton.

Silver Shadow sails from Picton under sunny skies.

Though New Zealand had been cloudy for most of our visit, the sun broke through during the final hours of our stay, making for a gorgeous sail-away.

Crossing The Tasman Sea

Silver Shadow makes her way across the Tasman Sea. Three days from Picton, New Zealand, to Sydney, Australia.

We crossed the Tasman Sea, three days, from Picton to Sydney, then cruised to Melbourne, followed by Adelaide, where I spent time, again, at a Hilton hotel sucking up broadband internet. Our next stop, Port Lincoln, where we would go swimming in a region known for its Great White Sharks.

Port Lincoln, Australia

Swimming with the tuna in Port Lincoln, Australia, which is also the Great White Shark capital of the world!

Port Lincoln gave me one of the most memorable shore excursions I’ve done: Swimming with the Tunas. Check out the full post here: Swimming With The Tuna Where Great White Sharks Lurk On A Silversea Shore Excursion

I got the chance to feed the tunas, using tongs, just to be safe!
Tunas were not the only ones who enjoyed sardines.

Albany, Australia

In Albany, Australia, we enjoyed a day learning about pelicans.

Although Albany was cute, we got out of town for a nature cruise. The highlight of the excursion: pelicans. It was fun to watch these amusing creatures and to learn more about them. Check out: On Silver Shadow Down Under: Feature Video, Feeding Pelicans

Our cruise ended in Freemantle, the port for Perth. I saw Perth quickly, departing the same evening I arrived for a long journey home, ever grateful to Silver Shadow for showing me Down Under, Silversea style.

There would be one more lasting impression. At the airport, the Australian equivalent of a TSA officer noted that one of the liquids in my carry-on was a tad over the limit. He wasn’t acting strictly within guidelines when he examined the liquid (it was toothpaste), said “No worries mate,” and motioned me through. Australia is still an innocent nation, I thought, a nation where common sense is still common.

Twenty-plus hours later, I joined the masses at LAX, removing my shoes, my belt, my laptop, and my liquids and watched as a TSA officer tossed my tube of toothpaste into a large trash bin. I missed Australia already.

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