Tasmania, Take Two: Our Silversea Cruises Shorex Shows Us The Port Arthur Historic Site

The oldest bridge in Australia, located in Richmond, Tasmania

After an exhilarating morning at a wildlife park in Tasmania (see Hand-Feeding Koalas & Kangaroos), our full-day Silversea shore excursion took us on an hourlong ride through beautiful countryside to Port Arthur, billed as Australia’s “Premier Convict Site.” This is where prisoners of the British Empire were interred, living alongside military personnel garrisoned in this remote part of the world and brave free settlers seeking a better life Down Under.

The first Catholic church in Australia, located in Richmond, Tasmania
For lunch, a delicious, even if it does not look like it, meat pie, an Aussie favorite.
Port Arthur Historic Site.
Port Arthur Historic Site.
Port Arthur Historic Site.
Port Arthur Historic Site.
Port Arthur Historic Site.
Leaving the Island of the Dead in Port Arthur.

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