Feature Video: Kissing Tasmanian Devils, Hand-Feeding Koalas & Kangaroos, On A Silversea Shore Excursion

Check out the video from yesterday’s Silversea Cruises’ shore excursion in Hobart, Tasmania. Our full-day tour, called “Hobart, Port Arthur and Wildlife,” mixed the best of wildlife along with a dose of Australian history.

The morning activity was exhilarating. As I wrote yesterday, along with a dozen or so other guests, I spent 90 minutes at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, where we were allowed not only to touch koalas and kangaroos but also to hand-feed them.

As several guests in my group remarked, this was a highlight of the cruise so far, even though we were only a few days into our 15-night voyage.

After leaving the wildlife sanctuary, we boarded our mini-bus and traveled along scenic highways to arrive an hour later at the Port Arthur Historic Site. For a full history of the historic site, click here. Conditions were gruesome for many of the convicts, but especially for those forced to wear hoods and remain silent in order to reflect on their evil ways in the Separate Prison. Our tour also included a visit to the Island of the Dead, where convicts were buried along with prison staff and military personnel.

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