Avid Cruiser On Vacation, But Where?

I flew over the Alps to get to my vacation . . . where am I?

I know, or have met, many of you who read the Avid Cruiser blog and who receive the weekly email newsletter, so let me begin by wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful 2012.

This year, I’ll undertake several new initiatives to improve Avid Cruiser and make the site even more relevant to those of you who enjoy the cruising lifestyle as much as I do. I won’t bore you with outlining the initiatives. You’ll see the changes soon enough. Instead, I’m sending you this picture postcard of how I am spending my time off, because as someone who loves cruising, you may find it relevant to your future cruise vacations.

This past summer, I wrote about a cruise destination that enthralled me to such a degree that I decided then and there to return when I had some time off. Well, January may not be the best time to visit the south of France, but I have to tell you, it’s not a bad time to be here.

The weather is pleasant, around 55F as I write this, and I appear to be the only tourist in town (until my significant other joins me later this afternoon). We’ll spend a week exploring this lovely region.

So where am I? I am in Toulon. Where? That’s the question everyone asked when I told them where I was headed in January. Toulon is about 90 minutes from Nice. Everyone knows Nice, of course. And Nice is nice, but something appealed to me about Toulon and the region known as Var Provence.

You may see why if you click on the links below. Pictures are worth thousands of words. The embedded photos, by the way, were taken with my iPhone, so please forgive the quality of those. Remember, I am on vacation.

Time for me to get back into vacation mode. See ya soon, Ralph Grizzle

A grainy photo doesn't do it justice. Just close your eyes and imagine.
What could be more relaxing than this view?

Want to know more about Toulon and Var Provence? Click on these links . . .

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