Port Profile: Ullapool, Scotland

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A cruise ship visiting Ullapool, Scotland

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There are different sides to Ullapool. On the one hand, this town in the northwest of Scotland is the region’s principal center of population. On the other hand, Ullapool only counts some 1,400 inhabitants. The contrast is a reflection of the nature of this corner of the world, where the same number of people that can be found on board a mid-sized cruise ship can constitute an entire society on land.

Despite the small size, Ullapool continues to be a living destination year-round – also during winter. Visitors might be fewer than they are during summer, but, to some at least, the remoteness of the area is a magnet that attracts visitors throughout the year. That, and the spectacular scenery, the mountains and hills, and the deep-blue sea.

Located on Loch Broom, Ullapool was founded as a fishing village in 1788. Fishing is still a main business here: visitors have ample opportunity to sample the produce of the sea.

It’s not only fishing boats that call here, though. The town is also a port of call for ferries to the Outer Hebrides, and for a number of boats that offer trips to islands in the waters just off Ullapool. Isle Martin (known for its pebble beach) and The Summer Isles are both popular destinations on such trips. The Summer Isles is also a popular area for various watersports, such as sea kayaking and diving.

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  • Must be quite a sight for the locals to see a large ship, that one is from Voyages to antiquity right? any others going there…


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