Port Profile: Szczecin, Poland

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Hakkentarase is a part of the Waly Chrobrego, close to the River Oder. It is a popular meeting place for Szczecin’s inhabitants. Photo: VnGrijl

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Szczecin (or Stettin, in German) is a city with a kaleidoscopic past. Its ever-changing history is at least to some extent due to the fact that this Polish destination is situated within walking distance of the Polish-German border (you’ll likely need a good pair of shoes to walk the 9 miles/15 kilometers, though). It should perhaps come as no surprise that the city has belonged to Germany during parts of its 1,300 years in existence. Szczecin was established in the 8th century (even though traces of human presence have been found from around 4,200 B.C.).

But others, too, have ruled over this Polish city, including Sweden, Denmark and Brandenburg-Prussia. Szczecin has also been a part of the Holy Roman Empire, and for a while was an independent Duchy. The city has also been a part of the Hanseatic League.

With 405,000 inhabitants, Szczecin is nowadays Poland’s seventh largest city, positioned on both sides of the Oder River – and on several islands between the western and eastern branches of the watercourse. Szczecin is known for its many buildings in Art Nouveau architecture, which have remained throughout the 20th century.

The water from the Oder, which is Poland’s second-largest river, eventually empties in the Baltic Sea, some 44 miles/70 kilometers north of Szczecin. Prior to reaching the Baltic, it has first contributed to the water in the Szczecin Lagoon. Any ship with destination Szczecin has to cross the lagoon.  It is considered an ideal place for sailing enthusiasts, surrounded by unspoilt nature. Nature is also present in Szczecin itself, in the form of an abundance of parks and tree-lined avenues.

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