Inland Cruising: A Father-Son Bonding On A Road Trip To The Grand Canyon

Our vessel: Camaro Convertible SS.

After spending the past spring, summer and most of the fall abroad or at sea, I returned home to make a road trip with my son Alex. We desperately needed some father-son bonding time, and we found plenty of that in our Camaro convertible as we cruised along those beautiful Arizona highways.

The weather was exceptionally gorgeous, sunny and in the 50s and 60s, and the convertible’s top was down for most of our visit, although we were bundled up and with the heat blowing full blast.

With our base camp at the Hilton in Sedona, we made day trips, including four hikes, and an afternoon (after a gorgeous drive) at the Grand Canyon. We were a happy version of Thelma & Louise (and we certainly had the horsepower to enjoy revving along in the West).

Much to my surprise, Sedona seemed to be at the height of its fall foliage. The bright leaves against the red rocks and brilliant blue skies simply took our breath away more than once during our four days in Arizona.

Road food, incuding the Thirst Buster from Circle K. Necessities of the trip.
Cruising Highway 179. We crossed this bridge across Oak Creek in Sedona, one of America's most beautiful highways.
Wind In the hair & the relaxed freedom of the road.
That's us at the Grand Canyon!
We weren't the only ones at the Grand Canyon on Thanksgiving Day.
Walking along the South Rim, we stopped every five minutes it seems for photos.
Gorgeous November at THE Canyon.
On top of the world.
Majestic Canyon colors.
Contemplating the immensity of the Canyon, averaging 10 miles across.
Some people say that November is the best time to visit the Grand Canyon. I agree.
Can't get away from cruise ships. Can you see the m/s Grand Canyon?
Back in Sedona, a great day on the Pink Jeep Broken Arrow tour.

Check out this video that shows some of the excitement on the Broken Arrow tour. By the way, although I always carry a Canon 7D, on this trip, I purposely left the camera at home. All photos and video were shot with the iPhone.

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