Want An Active Cruise? Crossing Bequia: Silver Explorer Guests Enjoy A Six-Mile Walk From The Caribbean To The Atlantic. A Cruise Even For Non-Cruisers?

Today, Silver Explorer anchored off the coast of Bequia, the largest island in the Grenadines.

Bequia must be the most idyllic of Caribbean islands. I had read that Bequia is a small island where people were exceptionally friendly and where no one hassles you, and indeed, I enjoyed the “Hellos” and “How are yous?” today on a six-mile walk from the Caribbean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, crossing the island.

Interacting with the locals was almost as memorable as the stunning landscape. To make sure we could appreciate the landscape, Silver Explorer’s expedition leaders arranged today’s walk with local guides. For those who weren’t up to shuffling their peds, there were complimentary shuttles to transport them.

What I am discovering on this cruise is that the expedition leaders push local ground/tour operators to come up with something beyond the ordinary. The standard shore excursion just will not do, and each day, in ports where Silver Explorer is often calling for the first time, we have the opportunity to experience activities not available on other cruises.

With its emphasis on culture, nature and activity, Silver Explorer is almost a cruise ship for non-cruisers. I’ve talked with several guests who are devoted Silversea cruisers, but I’ve also spoken with several who have told me that they’re “not really cruisers” at all. They came for the expedition experience.

Many who I have spoken with have cruised this luxury vessel to Antarctica, and they rave about the experience. “You have to do it,” they tell me. I hope to one day, but for now, our voyage continues in idyllic isles of the Caribbean. Tomorrow, a sea day, followed by Los Roques, Venezuela. I can’t wait to see what expedition leaders have planned for us there.

Coming ashore -- by Zodiac, of course.
About 3/4 of the guests on board, including me, opted for a six-mile guided walk from the Caribbean side of Bequia to the Atlantic side. We were allowed to go at our own pace. Not much traffic and beautiful scenery along the way.
We made many stops to photograph flowers . . .
Palm trees . . .
The stunning natural landscape . . .
and marine wildlife. I watched this Cormorant dive over and over again, finally getting a fish.
After about two hours we reached the Atlantic.
We visited the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary on the Atlantic side.
Turtle soup.
On the way back, we stopped for Passion Fruit juice and Plantain chips at Dawn's Creole Beach Cafe.
Home, sweet home.

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