Port Profile: Karlskrona, Sweden

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Surrounded by islands: Karlskrona

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The port of Karlskrona is one of the most important in Sweden, with large car-ferries departing daily to Gdynia in Poland. The port is also included in the so-called ”Green corridor,” which aims at connecting the countries around the Baltic Sea.

These modern-day connections seem to prove that the thinking behind the relocation of the Royal Swedish Navy at the end of the 17th century was correct. It was the strategic position of the island of Trossö that convinced the ruler at the time to construct a new town here. The sailing distances to various countries around the Baltic Sea were considered favorable – an important factor for a superpower like Sweden in the 17th century. At the time, Sweden included areas in today’s Finland, Estonia, Latvia and northern Germany. The navy was key to controlling the various regions.

Named after the Swedish King Karl XI, Karlskrona received its city charter in 1680. The new town grew rapidly, reflecting the importance of the new city to the rulers. In fact, Karlskrona was once the second-largest city in Sweden (after Stockholm).

The city’s architecture also bears witness of Karlskrona’s weight. The broad streets and the vast square in the center signal significance, as do the many Baroque buildings. Karlskrona is known as Sweden’s only baroque city, and is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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