Last Night On Silver Explorer: Dining Under The Stars

Setting up for Dining Under the Stars on a picture-perfect evening as Silver Explorer makes its way to Los Roques, Venezuela.

It never fails to amaze me how cruise ships pull off the extraordinary everyday — with the same staff. Hotels and resorts have the advantage of rotating staff who can go home to refresh and re-energize, but cruise ships typically employ staff who may work nearly everyday for as long as 12 months before getting a well-deserved break. And the amazing thing with the staff on Silver Explorer is that they do it with a smile that appears to be genuine and heartfelt. As one of my dinner companions remarked last night: “It’s not a game face. You can tell that they truly love what they do.” In fact, staff on Silver Explorer are beginning to feel more like old friends, and we’ve only been on board a little more than a week.

Last night, as Silver Explorer motored on calm seas under gorgeous evening skies to the northern tip of South America, chefs and waiters, along with management, set up for an evening of Dining Under The Stars. As Alfredo rehearsed his evening repertoire, all were hustling about to prepare linen-covered tables with flowers and candles, chill wines, prep dishes and prepare welcome cocktails.

Alfredo rehearses his repertoire for the evening. He performed a nice rendition of Moon River at one point, appropriate with such a big moon casting its glimmering light on the night sea.
The South African Sauvignon Blancs chilled and ready to be poured.
Everyone helped out to pull off the evening event, even the Reception Staff, who colored paper to make hanging lanterns and table-top candles.
Briefing the staff about the evening menu.
The chef explains the dishes in detail. It's hard to stump a waiter with questions about the menu on Silver Explorer.
Presenting the evening's dishes.
Welcome cocktails chilled and ready: Rum with a punch.
Appetizing Appetizer: Ceviche Del Mar.
A shimmering moon welcomes us as we arrive in Los Roques at the end of a wonderful evening spent Dining Under The Stars.

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