Good Morning Montserrat: Silver Explorer Calls Where Few Ships Do

Awakening: Good Morning Montserrat

Tourism officials in Montserrat told me they hardly ever get cruise ships. So it was a pleasant surprise for them to come aboard Silver Explorer this morning and enjoy cakes and coffee as they completed the legal paperwork for Silver Explorer to bring its guests ashore.

Beautiful from my balcony.

Montserrat is perhaps best known for its volcanic eruptions. The island’s Georgian era capital city Plymouth was destroyed and two-thirds of the island’s population was forced to flee because of an eruption of the previously dormant Soufriere Hills volcano that began on July 18, 1995.

Montserrat, a volcanic island.

Our complimentary shore excursion included a visit to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory to learn more about the eruptions and how they affected island life. Most guests I spoke with, however, say they were impressed with the island itself and the fact that it was non-touristy. Montserrat is backroads Caribbean, off the beaten path.

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  • Montserrat is the type of place upon arrival you may ask yourself: ” What am I going to do here for 2 – 3 weeks or in my case, in 5 months?”  and upon leaving you will sob like a baby because you just won’t want to go.  How can I discribe Mrat after spending my last 7 winters there?  Beautiful, safe, quite, healthy, friendly.  It’s the last island of the Caribbean which is modern and at the same time feels like the 70’s in it’s gentle kind way of life.  Too good to be true?   In an egoistic way I hope the crowds don’t come and spoil things, only a few good ones should come.

    • How true….my folks retired to MNI for almost 20 amazing years.  Runaway Pointe Circle will always be in hour family memories. 

  • Having lived there for 2-years, we still feel “the pull”!  Would that life had been more generous, we’d ( Michael and Julian) still be there!


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