Departing Philipsburg Today On Silver Explorer: Me & The Ph.D.s

Silver Explorer itinerary

Today in Philipsburg, St. Maarten, I board Silversea Cruises‘ expedition vessel for a “Caribbean Sea Adventure.”

Silver Explorer’s 12-day voyage promises to be a cruise like none other, even in a region that is often-visited, and dare I say over-visited, by cruise ships. I can’t wait to see how Silver Explorer does the Caribbean differently.

I’ve already noted one striking difference even before boarding. Silver Explorer carries 132 guests and 117 crew. Among the crew, I’ve counted five Ph.D.s — an anthropologist, biologist, environmentalist and, well, you get it. Clearly, I’ll need to put on my thinking cap. It appears that I’m sailing out on a “Voyage of Immersion.”

So what do I have to look forward to over the next 12 days besides being on my best academic behavior? Stay tuned, as I’ll report each day from our voyage.

I invite you to participate by asking questions and leaving your comments. The best places to do so: 1) In the comments section below each post; 2) on Avid Cruiser’s Facebook page; and 3) via Twitter @avidcruiser.

Bon voyage!

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  • Ralph, your post above prompted another conversation between my hubby and me this morning about ‘exploration’ cruises.  I’ve loved the idea of doing these kinds of trips, but hubby has been opposed to them.  I learned this morning that he thought all Explorer itineraries were to “cold places” like Antarctica or the Arctic. 

    Thank you for helping me sort out this little marital confusion.  🙂  Now, hubby and I are on the same page. 

    • I’ll send a photo of my tanned legs (if I’m successful tanning them) and send to you and your hubby so that we can dispel the myth once and for all : )

  • Is this a luxury-style soft-adventure cruise? I can’t wait to learn about what you plan on doing to make the most of the sun and fun. Do they still serve champagne? 


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