Shore Excursions From Le Havre, In Photos

Rebuilt following severe bombing in World War II, Le Havre, France is a modern-day marvel. © Ralph Grizzle

I spent last week in and around Le Havre, France, and I must say I was impressed with the variety of shore excursions offered in this region in Normandy. During four exceptionally full days, we visited:

  • The D-Day Landing Beaches, including Pointe du Hoc, Omaha Beach, the American Cemetery and Gold Beach. Visiting these places brings to life the heroic story of the Normandy landings. Without the sacrifices of young soldiers on June 6, 1945 (and of course, before and after), Europe would not be the Europe we know today.
  • The stunningly beautiful Alabaster Coast, which we saw from the gorgeous little farming and tourist town of Étretat. This place inspired painters like Claude Monet. Need we say more?
  • Charming Honfleur. Its picturesque port inspired many well-known artists. Le Havre is the birthplace of Impressionism, by the way, so the region attracted many of the great artists in France.
  • The Benedictine Palace at Fécamp, where we got to sample that precious liqueur, made from 17 herbs and spices, a health elixir no doubt.
  • And of course, Paris. For those arriving by ship, Le Havre serves as the gateway to Paris, only two hours away.
There is also the city of Le Havre itself, where cruise ships arrive and depart. Many cruise passengers may be tempted to skip Le Havre and make for the full-day shore excursions. My advice is to try to mix the two if possible. You can read more about Le Havre here.
We’ll have a video of our week in Le Havre in the coming months. For now, here’s a roundup through a few photos I managed to snap along the way.

D-Day Landing Beaches

Imagine If You Had Been There: In the bunker at Pointe du Hoc on the D-Day Landing Beaches, an excursion from Le Havre, France. © Ralph Grizzle
The American Cemetery At Omaha Beach. Richard Atwood, Gone, But Not Forgotten © Ralph Grizzle
Many (and, in fact, many more than can be seen here) sacrificed their lives for Europe's freedom. © Ralph Grizzle
The campaign to save Europe crossed religions. © Ralph Grizzle

The Alabaster Coast

On the Alabaster Coast in Étretat, France. It inspired Monet, and it will inspire you. © Ralph Grizzle


Beautiful Honfleur, France. © Ralph Grizzle
Honfleur, France. © Ralph Grizzle
For lunch we enjoyed a typical Normandy chicken dish. © Ralph Grizzle


We walked – and walked – in Paris. Pumping our pads, however, we did manage to see the best of the city. To view the 12.8-kilometer route we walked on the day we were in Paris, click here.

The most popular shore excursion from Le Havre? Paris. © Ralph Grizzle
The Eiffel Tower, mais oui? © Ralph Grizzle
Love at The Louvre © Ralph Grizzle
Under the arches. © Ralph Grizzle
Scenic Le Seine © Ralph Grizzle
A relaxing way to see Paris from the river © Ralph Grizzle

Want to view more photos of our week on Le Havre? Check out our Flickr slideshow.

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  • Ralph, these photos are lovely.  Wonderful framing!  We were in Paris in June and thought that visit would hold us for a while.  But now, after looking at your pix, we now yearn for an autumn visit.  Thanks for posting these. 


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