Port Profile: Akureyri, Iceland

Learn everything you need to know about cruise destinations under Avid Cruiser’s Port Profiles section (you’ll find a tab above on the navigation bar). Each week, we’ll provide one or more port profiles for those are planning trips or for those who need inspiration to do so. Today’s feature, Akureyri, Iceland.

Iceland’s fourth largest town, Akureyri

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Akureyri is the fourth largest town in Iceland, counting slightly more than 17,000 inhabitants. It’s probably safe to say that the town does not even come close to being as well-known as Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. This is a destination that is not regularly presented in hip lifestyle magazines, and Akureyri has never hosted political summits for world leaders.

Such underexposure has its advantages for travellers who want to experience something that does not lie along the highroad, though. Adventure in various forms is never far away from this pristine Icelandic destination. Both the biosphere and the landscape are highly diverse, providing excellent conditions for activities such as trekking, horse riding, fishing, diving and skiing. The excellent off-piste skiing is actually something that this destination is quite famous for.

Surrounded by an impressive mountain landscape, Akureyri is situated at the inside end of the longest fjord in Iceland, Eyjafjörður. That location has resulted in a reputation as Iceland’s prettiest town. Akureyri is also considered the capital of northern Iceland, featuring both a hospital and university.

Despite its northern location, Akereyri’s port remains ice-free year-round thanks to the Gulf Stream. The ocean current results in a milder climate than would have been the case had Jack Frost not been muffled by the warm waters of the Gulf.

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