Grand Adventures In Venice, Italy, On A Budget

A good way to get a "value" overview of Venice is to board a vaporetto (water bus) for a tour along the Grand Canal.

If there is one city that should be on every avid cruiser’s list of must-see destinations, Venice is it. For starters, Venice is one world’s most unique cities — architecturally, historically and environmentally. Situated on a patchwork of more than 100 low-lying islands, Venice is sliced by canals. Thus, visitors see Venice in one of two ways: from the perspective of the water or on foot. 

Be prepared to wear down the soles of your shoes as you stroll Venice’s labyrinth of sidewalks and seaside esplanades. If you see all of Venice, you will have crossed more than 450 bridges (called ponti). Most are only a few steps up and down to cross the more than 150 canals that run through Venice. 

Walking - or running - is a good way to see Venice.

Walking is one of the best ways to explore this city where even getting lost can be fun. Finding your way around Venice often ends up in a serendipitous sojourn. Read more.

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