Port Profile: Gothenburg, Sweden

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Poseidon overlooks Avenyn, Gothenburg’s main street Photo: Dick Gillberg/goteborg.com

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The second largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg (Göteborg in Swedish) cultivates a character of its own in fields ranging from humor to dialect and slang.

Maybe that’s a reflection of the pride that many of the city’s inhabitants seem to feel when thinking about their hometown: You would be hard pressed to find a Gothenburger prepared to say something disapproving of his or her city.

But then Gothenburg does have many advantages, one of the main pros no doubt being the proximity to the sea. The nearby archipelago is a favorite spot for many during the summer period, both for the possibility to go for a swim and for the quaint old fishing villages.

The city is located where the Göta älv (the Göta River) meets the sea, founded following a Royal decree from King Gustav II Adolf. City rights were issued in 1621.

The canals that nowadays form an indispensable part of Gothenburg’s character trace their background to the fact that the land where the new city was to be built was marshy. Thus, the Swedes turned to the Netherlands for necessary knowledge and technology, the Dutch having extensive knowledge in the field of dikes and canals.

In fact, the Dutch referred to Gothenburg as “New Amsterdam” for a long time. Today, though, a more well-known nickname is “Little London” – a moniker that can be traced to the many Englishmen who moved to Gothenburg during the 19th century.

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