Introducing Cool Cruise Week, Seeking The Lost City Of Atlantis, Dutch Stroopwafels & Swedish Crayfish

The week is off to a fun start here on Avid Cruiser and its sister sites.

First, a thank you to reader Jeff Rowland, who writes:

Avid Cruiser is by far the best source of information I have found. Thanks for everything you share with your readers.

Jeff, you are truly a wise man.

First up, From The Deck Chair, Aaron Saunders introduces “Cool Cruise Week.” A cruise enthusiast if there ever was one, Aaron takes a look at five itineraries from five cruise lines that truly stand out. In other words, “cool.”

Take a look at Aaron’s first installment, Cool Cruise Week: a Silversea Transatlantic Crossing, and be sure to see the four other cruises that Aaron considers to be cool.

Cool Cruise Week: A Silversea Transatlantic Crossing

Silver Spirit docked in Key West, Florida. Photo © 2010 Aaron Saunders

We start the week off with a fascinating, 15-day Westbound Transatlantic cruise aboard Silversea Cruises’ flagship, the elegant Silver Spirit. But make no mistake about it, this isn’t your average crossing; instead, Silversea has put together an itinerary that allows passengers to relish in a voyage that offers three distinctive parts: exploring Europe, relaxing days at sea, and Caribbean discovery. ‘

Read the rest of Cool Cruise Week: a Silversea Transatlantic Crossing.

Meanwhile, Luciano Travassos, a shore concierge for Silversea Cruises (who just happens to be on Silver Spirit right now), shares his knowledge of Santorini, Greece. Luciano regularly files stories for Avid Cruiser’s Port Profiles, which we believe should always be “your first stop before stepping ashore.”

Port Profile: Santorini, Greece & The Lost City of Atlantis

One of  the most touristy, visited and crowded islands in Greece, Santorini still has a lot to offer if you ditch the crowd and find a place that you can claim for your own. Part of the Cyclades, Santorini forms a “ring shape” that offers visitors fantastic views of the typical villages with white houses perched on the edge of the cliffs that ring the island’s rim.

The center of the ring is called Caldera, Santorini’s main natural attraction. Many visitors make their way to Nea Cameni Island, located in the Caldera a few minutes away by boat. Once there, you can climb to the top of the island or swim in a hot spring.

Many people believe that when the central part of the volcano sunk it took the legendary city of Atlantis with it.

Beautiful views from Oia village. © Luciano Travassos

Read Avid Cruiser’s full Port Profile featuring Santorini, Greece.

When Cruising From Rotterdam: Bike To Delft For Delicious Stroopwafels

No trip to the Netherlands is complete without two things: 1) bicycling and 2) stroopwafels. Before departing on a Holland America Line cruise from Rotterdam a few years ago, I cycled to Delft, the charming village where I stopped to eat and learn more about Stroopwafels with Wil and Erik Schravendijk. If you’re web browser is acting nasty and won’t show you the video, click here.

For another fun food post — and one that you will want to know about particularly if you’re on one of the last cruises to or from Stockholm this season — see Andreas Lundgren’s post on our Stockholm Cruise Blog about Swedish Crayfish parties, happening this month, in Sweden – of course.

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