Avid Cruiser Far & Wide: Ralph Grizzle Reports From Canada While Aaron Saunders Sails From Stockholm

The Avid Cruiser Takes On Atlantic Canada

Fortress Louisbourg
At Fortress Louisbourg, on a shore excursion from Sydney, Nova Scotia

This week, we are filming in five destinations that work collectively under Cruise Atlantic Canada. We’re only a week into the filming, and already, we are smitten with the stunning beauty and exceptionally friendly people of this remarkable region.

Canada has a reputation for warm, hospitable people, and we’ve certainliy felt welcomed at every threshold we’ve crossed. The provinces north of the U.S. also boast beauty beyond belief, which we witnessed in the UNESCO World Heritage Gros Morne National Park and later along the Cabot Trail en route to Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Today, we are on Prince Edward Island, with its rolling hills and red cliffs. On tap later, lobster fishing, which of course suggests that afterward we’ll be consuming lobster.

We’ll be traveling Atlantic Canada the rest of this week, so check in with us regularly for the latest updates. Click here to view the Flickr slideshow that we update daily and check us out on Facebook to engage with us.

Aaron Does Stockholm, Sweden and the Wind Spirit

From Vancouver, Aaron Saunders’ journey to Windstar Cruises’ Wind Spirit in the port of Stockholm, Sweden took a whopping 17 hours; time that saw him change planes in both Toronto and Dusseldorf, Germany on his way to the Swedish capital. And after countless problem-free cruises and flights, his luck finally ran out: Lufthansa lost his baggage.

Well, not “lost” in the strongest sense of the word. Lufthansa knew exactly where it was: Dusseldorf, the site of his last connection. So it was with some incredulity that he realized my luggage wasn’t going to show up on the carousel at Arlanda Airport. But after taking the Arlanda express and boarding the Wind Spirit at her Skeppsbron 106 berth, those concerns and worries drifted away.

The Wind Spirit attracts a crowd along Skeppsbron. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

We’ll be posting updates from Aaron on the Avid Cruiser blog, beginning today.

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