Six New Things I Think I Will Like About Celebrity Silhouette

Celebrity Solstice Lawn
It's All About The Lawn (and more) On Celebrity Silhouette

Tomorrow morning in Hamburg, Germany, I and my journalistic colleagues will step aboard Celebrity Cruises’ newest ship, Silhouette.

If you want to follow the most up-to-date coverage, we’ll all be tweeting about the experience. You can follow me at @avidcruiser. If you can wait (and god bless you if you can), you’ll find in-depth coverage here on Avid Cruiser later this week.

In 2008, I gushed over Silhouette’s sister in an article titled Celebrity Solstice: Celebrity’s Newest Ship Breaks The Mold.

Simply put: Celebrity’s Solstice class ships are attractive and variety-filled vessels that are certain to please almost any palate.

Solstice isn’t quite in the league of the luxury vessels I write about here on Avid Cruiser, but it’s pretty darn close. Some have called Solstice, Crystal Lite, and indeed Solstice could be a contender to such luxury players as Crystal Cruises.

Silhouette represents an evolution of this great class of ship. In between Solstice and Silhouette, there have been two sisters, Equinox and Eclipse.

Before stepping on board tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to present the six that I think I will like most. Here they are:

  1. The Alcoves. Some avid cruisers have told me that the Sanctuary on Princess Cruises consistently ranks as one of their favorite parts of their vacations. Celebrity has always lacked having such a relaxed, intimate area, one reader said. That changes with Silhouette. “The Alcoves” will feature private wifi-equipped cabanas situated on a lush green, real grass, lawn. At least that’s the way I picture it. I’ll find out once on board. “The Alcoves” aren’t cheap, $99 per day on port days, and $149 per day on sea days (more than the cost of some cruises). Worth it? We’ll see.
  2. The Lawn Club Grill. I like the thought of being able to develop my grill skills while enjoying a good meal. At this new open-air eatery on the top deck, guests will team up with Celebrity Cruises’ chefs to master the grill. Of course, you can always sit back and let the chefs do the cooking. Worth the $30 per person fee? We’ll see. And what’s not clear is whether Celebrity also charges $30 per person for lunch at the Lawn Club Grill. I’ll let you know.
  3. The Porch. Celebrity’s press releases tout “The Porch” as a breezy, casual dining spot offering sandwiches, coffees and captivating views of the sea and the lawn. Worth $5 per person for breakfast or lunch? I’ll let you know. And does Celebrity really charge for breakfast? That could be an industry first, right?
  4. Craft Beers. Michael’s Club will now offer craft beers. I’m told there will be beer education also, such as how to pull a perfect draft. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to pull a pint. Stay tuned.
  5. The Art Studio. I’m no artist, but I painted with water colors during a class offered on Crystal Cruises and loved it. The Art Studio is a space within The Lawn Club where guests can participate in intimate, hands-on instruction from experts in drawing, painting and beading, as well as the art of food, with plating, tastings, mixology and other culinary-themed classes.What’s not to like?
  6. The Hideaway. I like my iGadgets, and the Hideway sounds like a great place to enjoy them. It’s a high-tech, avant-garde treehouse-like spot for relaxing with iPads or perhaps reading a good book within cozy, intimate lounging “nests.” Sounds like nap-time to me. 

I’ll be back with more tomorrow. Meantime, follow @avidcruiser and tweet me what you’d like to know. Of course, you can always leave comments below, and I’ll respond to those too.

Signing off from Hamburg, Germany.

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