Six ‘More’ Tips To Extract More Joy From Your Cruise

My daughter Britton, who certainly knows how to enjoy a cruise.

One of the most popular freely downloadable reports on Avid Cruiser is called Six Tips To Extract More Joy From Your Cruise.

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More than 1,000 people have click on this link to download the free report.

I’d like to get your ideas and opinions about how to best enjoy cruising. Please join the discussion by leaving your thoughts on Avid Cruiser’s Facebook page or by posting your comments below.

Already joining the discussion are Karen & John, two helpful travelers who aren’t selling anything. They just love to share their knowledge to help other travelers. You can find them on Facebook here or you can view their discussion here.

Following are six of Karen & John’s tips in response to Avid Cruiser’s Six Tips To Extract More Joy From Your Cruise.

  1. Prior to departure always do your homework. You will learn more about each port, and that will allow you to appreciate the ports more from historical and cultural standpoints. Also, you will learn how to budget your time, find special deals the destination offers and get tips from other travelers about how to see all that you want to see after spending so much to travel so far from home.
  2. Not everyone can afford Business or First Class flights, but most of us can afford the minimal cost to upgrade to an Economy Plus seat, which makes all the difference in the world. Also, whatever airline you are flying on, try to purchase a one-day pass to the lounge. Or better yet, have someone purchase the pass for you as a birthday or Christmas present.
  3. Consider loyalty programs if you plan on cruising a lot. Princess Cruises has one of the best for us, with free internet and free laundry. These little perks keep us returning.
  4. Number crunch your cruise budget. Azamara Club Cruises now includes all sorts of extras: gratuities, beverages, two types of complimentary daily wines and a host of other items that can add up on cruise lines that don’t include them.
  5. Once on board look for spa specials. You can usually find spa discounts on port days. And if you are in port for only half a day, you can spend the other half on board and take advantage of a discounted massage. Being pampered brings joy to your body.
  6. Don’t have a balcony and need to search out quiet places during the day? Head to the highest lounge on any ship. Many people want to be in the middle of things, so you may have the lounge with stunning views all to yourself, which allows you to exhale, read a book in peace, spend time chatting, enjoy your favorite beverage with your travel partner and/or new found friends — or play a board or card game. Who knows? You could find a new “inner joy” in the simplicity of it all.
At last! Legroom on Delta's international flights without paying a fortune. I'm a big fan of Delta's Economy Comfort. - Ralph Grizzle

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  1. Seriously consider “unplugging” during your cruise.  Last winter my husband and I made a decision that, I’m convinced, doubled the pleasure of our nine-day cruise — we left our laptops at home and did not check e-mail or open an Internet browser the entire time we were gone.  As a result, we were better able to “be here now” than we’d been in years.  We can hardly wait to do it again. 

    1. Smart thinking as always Ann. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try it next cruise!

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