Port Profile: Edinburgh, Scotland

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Edinburgh skyline with Edinburgh Castle in the background

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Scotland has not been an independent nation for 300 years, but the country continues to sustain its own capital: Edinburgh. And all the attributes that one would expect from a capital city can be found here. One of the most visible is the Edinburgh Castle, visible from almost any part of this second-largest city in Scotland (Glasgow is larger).

Rendering the city a profile that could be described as dramatic, the castle towers high on a cliff. Resolute stone statues of the legendary Scottish Kings Robert the Bruce and William Wallace guard the walls that have witnessed centuries of Scottish history. Edinburgh Castle is one of the main tourist attractions in Britain.

The crown jewels are kept in the castle, as is the Stone of Scone. Used in connection with coronations of the monarchs of Scotland and, later, the monarchs of England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, the Stone of Scone was returned to Scotland in 1996 after being kept for 700 years in London’s Westminster Abbey.

The Scottish Parliament is also based in Edinburgh, situated in the Holorood area. While it is unclear if the seven hills that surround the city have anything to do with the capital status, it is a fact that both Rome and Lisbon, the capital cities in Italy and Portugal, respectively, are also famous for being built on seven hills.

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