Port Profile: Falmouth, England

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Cruise passengers sailing into the Port of Falmouth will see the twin castles of St. Mawes and Pendennis. A short walk or bus transfer from the port, the 16th-century castles that guard the entrance to the harbor were built by King Henry VIII to repel French invaders.

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The port of Falmouth’s greatest asset has always been its prime location, sheltered by Pendennis Point and lying within the third largest natural deep water harbor in the world. It is Falmouth’s dramatic unspoilt scenery that has made it the Royal Duchy of Cornwall’s leading south coast resort.

Known locally as Carrick Roads, this unique natural harbor came about at the end of the ice age. As the global ice melted and sea levels rose, the river valley flooded creating a huge inlet to what we know today. Carrick Roads remains deeply rooted within Falmouth’s culture and heritage.

During the reign of Henry VIII, 450 years ago, two twin castles were built at either side of the entrance as a defense against an invasion of the French. Today, cruise passengers will sail into Carrick Roads to the heart of the town, where the twin forts of St Mawes Castle and Pendennis Castle can be seen on either side.

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