The Reason Kieren Floats Blue Balloons In Every New Port He Visits

Kieren 2
Kieren Parnham leaves blue balloons in every new destination he visits.

Kieren Parnham is a fitness instructor on Silver Spirit. So what’s with Kieren and his blue balloons? He releases one in each new destination he visits – in memory of his father.

Kieran’s father died three years ago, suddenly, after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Before passing away, however, Derek Parnham, age 54, told his son that he had a dream that he visited every country in the world and released a blue balloon for cancer. As he cruises around the world on Silversea, Kieran is fulfilling that dream for his father.

Remembering his father as “one of the nicest people in the world,” Kieren releases blue balloons with the imprint, “Be cancer aware – in memory of Derek Parnham.”

So far, Kieren, who hails from Manchester, has released balloons in more than 100 destinations – with more to come.

A blue balloon for Pisa.
San Blass Island Panama optimized
Kieren releases a balloon in the San Blas islands.
Dad optimized
Derek Parnham.

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  • What a lovely story. My father died the same way in 2007 and I know how hard it is to go through it and I feel that is a useful way to celebrate a life and raise awareness


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