‘Surviving’ Pirates: Silver Spirit Arrives In Piraeus

Lookouts on the Gulf of Aden

Last week’s post, Silver Spirit’s Transit Of The Gulf Of Aden: Uneventful? Not Entirely, reported that two ships had been attacked, and one hijacked, at the outset of our five-day sailing on Silver Spirit from Muscat, Oman to Safaga, Egypt.

I am writing this post in Piraeus, Greece, which suggests that we made it across “Pirate Alley” without incident.

How risky was crossing the Gulf of Aden for us?

Somalian Piracy Threat Map 2010
Somalian Piracy Threat Map: CC-by-sa Arun Ganesh, National Institute of Design Bangalore

Not very. While my intention is not to minimize the seriousness of the situation, I do want to explain why cruise ships are less susceptible to attack than other vessels that cross the Gulf of Aden.

I understand that people need some reassurances when thinking about cruising this region, so assess the facts you find here and at the links below and make your decision.

For me, traveling through the Middle East on a cruise ship was a vastly rewarding experience. I’m a risk-taker anyway, so I may be more predisposed than others when it comes to traveling in what some perceive as risky areas.

More often than not, though, I find that news is exaggerated and that many of the so-called dangers on this planet are no more risky to our lives than, say, consuming too many cholesterol-producing foods or sitting for long periods of time day after day (a proven health hazard).

Read the full story From Pirates To Piraeus, Transiting The Gulf Of Aden: How Risky Was It?

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