Sensational Sintra & The Portuguese Riviera On A Silversea Shore Excursion

Saturday, May 14, 2011 – This morning in Lisbon, I joined a Silversea Cruises shore excursion called Romantic Sintra & Portuguese Riviera.

Beautiful Sintra, a short drive from the docks of Lisbon and well worth the visit. Photo by Ralph Grizzle

The 4.5-hour tour on a modern and uncrowded motorcoach took us to the enchanting fairy-tale town of Sintra, a mountainous and multi-castled town that was once a favorite destination of 19th-century aristocrats. We had about 90 minutes to tour the town with a guide or on our own.

We then went to Cascais, a fishing village turned resort on the Portuguese Riviera, where we spent about an hour before heading back to Lisbon.

The tour also gave us time to explore Lisbon (our guide gave us an overview and pointed out some of the key attractions on the way out of – and into – the city), and fortunately, Silver Spirit was docked within walking distance of the city center. And as in most destinations where Silver Spirit calls, complimentary shuttles also operated between the ship and city center for those who preferred not to walk.

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  • Although Sintra is all about it’s romantic period with Lord Byron & the Pena Palace – I think the most important aspect if the town is that it was here that the story of the Portuguese Discoveries started.  Henry the Navigator ran around the national palace as a small boy and anyone who looks seaward from its windows can probably discern a slight curvature on the horizon beckoning flights of fancy of new worlds.  For an in depth private guided tour designed by yours truly please have a look at my web site 


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