Port Profile: Tyne, England

Learn everything you need to know about cruise destinations under Avid Cruiser’s Port Profiles section (you’ll find a tab above on the navigation bar). Each week, we’ll provide one or more port profiles for those are planning trips or for those who need inspiration to do so. Today’s feature tells you how to spend quality time in Tyne, England.

Quayside in Newcastle, at the River Tyne Photo: NewcastleGateshead Image Library

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Newcastle’s history is one of darkness – or blackness, really. That’s because the city owes much of its development to the export of coal. The coal trade here was so intense that the phrase “taking coals to Newcastle” was coined in the mid-1500s – reflecting the pointlessness of sending something like coal to a place where it is already present in abundance. Later, in the 19th century, this city in the northeast of England became an important center for shipbuilding and engineering.

While chances are that the image of Newcastle as a center for heavy industry lingers on, nothing could in fact be farther from the truth. The city is nowadays at the forefront of technical innovations, tourism and culture, making it one of the most exciting and contemporary destinations in Britain.

Although highly important, maybe one could even argue that the era of coal and industry was really a parenthesis in the history of Newcastle. This is a city that has really been at the front of development since Roman times.

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