Port Profile: Gijón, Spain

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Gijón adds flavor to Spain’s Asturias region

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Spain’s Asturias region has close to 250 varieties of apple. Small wonder, then, that the inhabitants of this northern area have a tradition of making cider – even though cider might not be the first thing that crosses the mind of a traveller thinking about Spain.

Wine might be what most people associate with the Iberian Peninsula. Grapes are scarce here, though: the Asturias region is not really winemaking country. It’s too far north, and too close to the Atlantic coast – and the notorious Bay of Biscay. That’s okay. Wine has its place. Cider, or sidra, is one of the things that give this area a distinct flavor of its own.

The second-largest city in the Asturias region, Gijón no doubt adds its own taste to the area. Apples, of course, but also saltiness. This is a busy fishing port where you will find seafood that is second to none. Sea urchins, for example, are considered to be one of the most exquisite gastronomic specialties here. Washed down with a couple of glasses of sidra, of course.

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