On Silver Spirit: The Biggest Loser?

Me, pictured yesterday. New & Improved.

A few weeks ago while cruising on Silver Spirit I wrote about my efforts to reverse a disturbing trend: The increasing tension in the waistline seam of my pants.

And so in April as I began my monthlong voyage on Silversea’s luxurious vessel, I decided to tackle something I had long been meaning to tackle: a transformation of self.

I wrote about my efforts in Walking On The Red Sea & Slow Food On Silversea: A Transformation Of Self Begins.

Did I succeed on Silver Spirit? Was I the Biggest Loser? Or did I succumb to excess, abusing Silversea’s oh-so-delicious-dining?

As the caption in the accompanying photo suggests, I won the battle. My pants are now loose, and I need another notch in my belt. I haven’t weighed, but I suspect that in the last six weeks, I’ve lost 10 pounds. More important, I no longer crave carbohydrates.

Several books helped me understand how I had short-circuited my body’s self-regulating mechanisms by consuming the wrong foods, and those books gave me guidance on how to correct my past mistakes.

Of course, the books all advocated pretty much the same thing: avoid sugars, avoid carbohydrates, eat vegetables, drink water (and green tea), detoxify and exercise.

The outset of my cruise on Silver Spirit was a great place to notch up the program I had started back home a few weeks earlier. And as another passenger told me on Silver Spirit, living a healthy lifestyle while at sea isn’t all that hard.

In fact, Silversea makes eating the right foods extremely easy. My morning began with oatmeal, fresh berries, walnuts, pecans, plain-yogurt that I sweetened with honey, and salmon. Lunch, I typically chose Silversea’s Wellness Menu, which included a delicious Strawberry, Spinach Salad, followed by the Catch of the Day with artichokes. In the afternoon, I enjoyed loose-leaf green tea, and if hungry, I opted for nuts instead of scones or cakes. Dinner, I often had the Wellness Menu once again. The dishes were tasty, and low in fat and calories. I never skipped dessert, and I always had a glass or two of wine.

Silversea made it so easy to dine healthily that I didn’t feel like I was sacrificing. The food was delicious and well-proportioned. I never went hungry, and I was never in that socially awkward moment of not being able to find something healthy to eat when dining with others.

I certainly did not live a life of austerity. I dined on pasta (made fresh daily) in La Terrazza.

I also enjoyed a glass of champagne each evening in the main bar with other passengers.

To complement healthy eating, I used Silver Spirit’s fitness facilities, working out for about 30 minutes each morning. Fitness instructor Kieren Parnham armed me with a few exercises I could take with me home – and on the road. (Keiren has an interesting story, by the way. SeeThe Reason Kieren Floats Blue Balloons In Every New Port He Visits)

I skipped the elevators 90 percent of the time, and used the jogging track to walk and run and walk/run.

The bottom line? Transforming my lifestyle did not take huge sacrifices. That said, my lifestyle today is dramatically different than it was three months ago. I no longer engage in reward-eating, and I’ve come to realize which foods are healthy and which are harmful. I don’t know where I’ll be a year from now with regard to my lifestyle, but I hope it sticks. At age 53, I feel good, and for that, I owe a thank you to Silversea.

Notice that my face was chubbier before?

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  • Interesting topic Ralph. Losing weight on a cruise is almost an imposible task. Glad you have achieved it. I tend to do the same. Moderating the consumption of sweets (not completely), avoiding carbohydrates, and alcohol is the key. 

    • But Fran, you definitely don’t have a problem. You’re fit!

  • Having sailed only once on Silver Spirit, I can confirm that the healthy Wellness options Ralph describes above are delicious and satisfying. 

    Another thing I appreciate aboard Silver Spirit is that food is served in restaurants, not littered throughout the ship.  A little will-power and good habits help any cruiser.  But Silversea also helps by reducing empty-calorie temptations.  Thank you, Silversea.


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