In Bilbao Silversea Hosts A Reception At The Guggenheim

Today represents one the hallmarks of luxury cruise lines like Silversea Cruises: a special reception at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Following a tour of the museum, we were served champagne, wine and light snacks as violins serenaded us – an affair to remember, for sure.

Guggenheim 1
Last night in Bilbao, Spain, Silversea hosted a special reception at the Guggenheim for passengers on Silver Spirit.
Guggenheim 4
The Guggenheim was closed to the public, but opened for Silver Spirit passengers.
Guggenheim 3
Guggenheim's art may not always be immediately interpretable but is nonetheless interesting.



Guggenheim 5
This artwork was easy to identify, a flower-covered dog.
Guggenheim 6
Spanish hospitality.
Guggenheim 7
Silver Spirit bathed in sunset and moonlight.
Guggenheim 8
Silver Spirit's stewardesses and butlers gave guests a warm welcome home following the Guggenheim reception.
Guggenheim 9
Red carpet and champagne. Welcome back!

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