If You Read Swedish, You’re In Luck. If Not, Use Google Translate To Read Göran Stenberg’s Cruise Blog

The Queen Mary 2, anchored in Helsingør, Denmark. Photo courtesy of Göran Stenberg.


It’s a busy week in Oresund, the strait that connects Denmark with Sweden. Today, in fact. Queen Mary 2 is anchored across from Helsingborg, Sweden, in neighboring Helsingør, Denmark, on the other side of the strait that separates us from them.

This week, 21 cruise ships will pass between Helsingborg and Helsingør, according to Göran Stenberg, who writes for Helsingborgs Dagblad, the local daily newspaper. Stenberg is the cruise watcher for the paper on his blog,  http://hd.se/helsingborg/kryssloggen. Can’t read Swedish? Use Google Translate.

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