A Silver Spirit Day In Sicily: Avid Cruiser’s Photo Journal

Enjoy Capri, virtually, through photos taken during Silver Spirit’s call in Sicily.

Silver Spirit approaches Sicily.
Sicily 2
Mt. Etna, seen from the tender landing in Naxos.
Sicily 3
Departing on a Silversea Silver Shore Collection excursion.
Sicily 4
First stop: the Catania market, where we spotted these giant zucchini.
Sicily 5
Sicily, where even the vegetable trucks are charming.
Catania Market
Preparing fish at the Catania Market.
Catania Market Butcher
Posing with the friendly folks at the market.
LImoncello and other liqueurs
Siciian Cooking Class
At our Sicilian cooking class.
Olive Oil
Good Italian cooking begins with Extra Virgian Olive Oil, which we are accustomed to on Silver Spirit, thanks to Silversea's emphasis on Slow Food.
lenora Consoli
Our host Elenora Consoli, Sicilian chef and author.
Cooking Questions
The godmother? Learning the basics of cooking, Sicilian Style
Preparing lunch
Preparing lunch with vegetables from the Catania market.
One of Eleonora Consoli's cookbooks.
Siciian lunch
Lunch is served. Yum!
A happy ending!

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