Living Lagom, Not Large & Learning To Love Silver Spirit’s Wellness Menu, One Calorie At A Time

Wellness 005
Orata all Griglia con Anguilla Affumicata, delicious and only 131 calories.

I’ve received a lot of encouragement in my quest to quash a few kilos. Thanks to all who responded to yesterday’s post Walking On The Red Sea & Slow Food On Silversea: A Transformation Of Self Begins.

Wellness 004
Paper thin Carpaccio di Manzo, with only slightly more calories than paper, 123, but much more tasteful.

I am sticking with my regimen 10 days into my cruise, exercising daily and consuming in moderation. Reader encouragement has helped. Plus, now that I’ve announced my intention, I’m accountable.

I’ve thought often about my 15-year-old daughter’s article on this site, In A Sea Of Food, Do You Sink Or Swim?, and following her advice, I’ve taken a moment to think about my plan of attack (or plan of restraint) before entering the dining room. I’d recommend that to anyone. Think about how much you’re going to eat – and drink – before going out for the evening.

I also enjoyed an article by Avid Cruiser reader Margalit Francus: Five easy steps to lose weight on a cruise. Her article caused me to reinforce my pledge to use the stairs.

Wellness 003
The starter: Minestrone de Verdure, a mere 121 calories

One thing that has made my quest easy to swallow (ha!) is Silver Spirit’s Wellness menu. The selections have been delicious, healthy and low-calorie, and I’m not tiring of them yet.

I’ve featured photos from last’s night’s room service in this post. You’ll note that the total consumption was 503 calories for four courses. I’ve not been overly hungry so far on the cruise, although it has been nice to wake up wanting breakfast.

While I have the goal of transforming my lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise, as mentioned before, I don’t want to diminish the joy of cruising. I still enjoy champagne, wine, good food and desserts.

Tomorrow night I’ll dine at La Terrazza, and I know that the food there, while not as low in calories as the Wellness selections, is healthy. Pasta is handmade daily, olive oils are of the best quality, as are the sauces, vegetables, meats and cheeses.

I think I have found a good balance, enjoying food and wine in moderation, the way it was meant to be enjoyed. The Swedes call this preferred state of living lågom, and living in Sweden for the past four years, I’ve come to appreciate the philosophy – even if I am only now applying it to my own life.

Thanks to the chefs on Silver Spirit who make living lågom a laudable luxury.

Wellness 006
Zero guilt with dessert: Zero-Zero Chocolate Ice Cream, only 153 calories


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