Days At (Silver) Sea: How Would You Spend Your Time Afloat?

Sea Days
Another Beautiful Day At (Silver) Sea

From Oman to Egypt, Silver Spirit plied the seas for five full days. Cruising from the Arabian Sea to the Red Sea, we avoided pirates (who probably were uninterested in managing so many people anyway), rough weather and the distractions of the busy world.

Simply, we were able to breathe and to be, two activities in short supply for many of us these days.

From our survey on Avid Cruiser’s Facebook page, it’s clear that many of you love sea days. What do you like most – or least – about sea days? Join the conversation.

Sailing on a serene sea, Silver Spirit gave us as much – or as little – as we wanted. Those who desired to busy themselves found plenty to do: enrichment lectures, language classes, cooking demonstrations, fitness instruction and much more.

Some chose to sunbathe. Others opted to siesta. Erudites read books. Card players sat down for bridge. Walkers walked. The aerobically inclined worked out in the gym. A few shopped in the boutiques, some gambled in the casino, others went for a massage or a haircut and a shave.

Many enjoyed light lunches outdoors and lavish dinners at one of Silver Spirit’s five restaurants. Friends gathered for cocktails, and no one worried about who would pick up the check.

Tomorrow, many of us will join a full-day tour to Luxor, which will be rewarding no doubt, but ah wasn’t life easy during those long days at sea?

What about you? Do you enjoy days at sea? If so, what’s your favorite way to spend a day afloat?

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