Celebrating Easter In The Red Sea On Silver Spirit

Galley and Easter 72
Happy Easter from the Avid Cruiser aboard Silver Spirit

There have been lots of Easter activities on Silver Spirit today, beginning with an interdenominational Easter service and followed by an Easter Egg Hunt throughout the ship.

But the highlight, perhaps, was the Easter Galley Lunch Buffet, an event where guests got to go into the galley to collect their food choices and to witness a few surprises.

Galley and Easter 81
Final touches on the goodies, marzipan eggs, chocolates, cakes and pies.
Galley and Easter 95
Galley staff, with Rudi Scholdis, culinary director for Silversea Cruises (he's the tall one)
Galley and Easter 110
In the galley.
Galley and Easter 130
What's Easter with colored eggs?
Galley and Easter 144
A little karaoke to get things going.
Galley and Easter 174
For the Spanish-speaking guests, a special treat from home, Paella, Valencian-style
Galley and Easter 182
Not quite Bugs Bunny, but close.
Galley and Easter 177
Enjoy Easter, wherever you are.

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