A Silversea Extra: Visit To A Bedouin Tent

Bedoin 041
Our Bedouin Host

On our return from Petra (see On A Silversea Shore Excursion: Petra, The Jewel Of Jordan), our guide took us for a brief visit to a Bedouin tent. It was fascinating to see how the “desert dwellers” live. The majority of Jordan’s population is of Bedouin origin.

Bedoin tent 041
The Bedouin tent that we visited.

Most of Jordan’s Bedouins live in the vast wasteland that extends east from the Desert Highway. All throughout the south and east of the country, their communities are marked by characteristic black goat-hair tents. These are known as beit al-sha’ar, or “house of hair.” For more informati0n visit the Jordan’s government’s website.

Bedoin 042
Tending to the herd.


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