Hungry For Sushi? Don’t Look At This Post

On Crystal Symphony: Sampler At Nobu Matsuhisa's The Sushi Bar

[Transcript for video below] I’m here at Silk Road and the Sushi Bar featuring the world-renowned cuisine of Nobu Matsuhisa. You can easily spend a few hundred dollars for a night of dining at Nobu restaurants around the world. Crystal charges nothing for dinner, but is this a true Nobu experience? Let’s find out.

Nobu himself created the menu, and it includes many of his innovative dishes, which we’ve come to love. I learned the chefs are Japanese and trained by Nobu himself. They’re responsible for maintaining Nobu’s high standards and for ensuring the quality of the seafood is what Nobu would expect.

The presentation of the food and selection of the ingredients reflects Nobu’s vision. And the quality and grade of the fish meet his uncompromising standards.

Crystal does an impeccable job executing the Nobu experience, and Nobu himself often comes on board to ensure his standards are maintained.

Well, that was an extraordinary meal, as great as I would expect at any Nobu restaurant worldwide. Nobu at sea, it’s the real deal.

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