Dining On Crystal Symphony, Perfect Choice, Prego & Other Options

[Transcript] You can’t say you have the world’s best resort unless your dining has incredible quality, variety and flexibility. Crystal Cruises says its Perfect Choice Dining gives you a taste of true freedom. Let’s see if they live up to to the claim.

“Remi, what are our dining options here in the main dining room?”

Remi: “You can enjoy traditional dining, either main seating or late seating. Or take advantage of our open dining by reservation.”

If you choose the traditional dining, early or late, you enjoy the benefits of having the same waiter every night, who gets to know your preferences and dietary needs. And you have the opportunity to build a friendship with the staff.

If you prefer more freedom when you dine, you can choose open dining by reservation and reserve a table in the Crystal dining room at a different time and at a different table every night, giving you the opportunity to dine with new-found friends.

Whichever you choose, you’ll still get the gracious service from Crystal’s European-trained waiters serving you the award-winning cuisine.

Of course, variety is the spice of life, and Crystal offers a multitude of dining options outside the main dining room, including Prego, serving the flavors of Italy and featuring the menu of legendary restaurateur Piero Selvaggio.

There’s also Nobu Matushisa’s Japanese cuisine in Silk Road and the Sushi Bar.

Crystal also offers in-room privacy dining as well as casual dining on deck on some nights of the cruise. All are complimentary, except for the intimate and beautiful Vintage Room, which pairs gourmet courses with extraordinary wines.

So did Crystal live up to its claim of offering quality, variety and flexibility? With seven venues for lunch or dinner including Perfect Choice dining,

Crystal does indeed deliver … serving up a taste of true freedom.

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