Tapping My Inner Artist On Crystal Symphony

My butterfly
A budding artist in the making? I'm not quitting my day job.

It’s not likely to fetch me a future fortune, but my watercolor butterfly pleases me. Sure, I joked that I had created a painting of a winged beauty that had collided with the windshield of a bus, but truth be told, I enjoyed spending time working with others in the well-attended Odyssey Art at Sea Program on Crystal Symphony this afternoon.

This morning, I had an acupuncture session (I expected the needles to hurt; they didn’t) and spent 45 minutes learning French phrases in a Berlitz language course (Je profite de la croisière).

This afternoon, I sat for a lecture on social media, presented by a Pepperdine University professor; and attended the art class.

Next activity on this day at sea, Passport to Music Yamaha lessons (learn to play by ear), followed by golf lessons. Fore!

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