Port Profile: Vigo, Spain

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Praza da Princesa, a part of Vigo’s Old Town

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Don’t ask for flamenco when in Vigo. This is Galicia, a proud region in Spain’s northwest that even has its own historic language: Galician.

With some 300,000 inhabitants, Vigo is the largest city in the region. And although you might be able to find a flamenco dancer here, flamenco can definitely be more frequently encountered in other parts of Spain. Any local will tell you that.

Galicia’s own traditional dance and music reflect that the region has a history of its own. This was once an area that belonged to the Celts. As such, it was connected to both Scotland and Bretagne (France). Over the centuries, impressions from many other civilizations have continued to shape both lifestyle and language in Galicia and Vigo.

Vigo boasts one of the world’s largest fishing ports, for starters. Tokyo’s fishing port is larger, but only if taking into consideration fish that is intended for other purposes than human consumption. After arriving to Vigo on a cruise ship, you will probably understand why it is said that the city supplies half of Europe with fish: The fishing boats are plentiful. Read the full Port Profile of Vigo, Spain.

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