My BEST AquaDuck Video, Disney Dream

In Nassau, AquaDuck in action on Disney Dream.

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  • Nice to finally see this coaster in action. Looks like a lot of fun too. I know my kids sure would enjoy it. Thanks for the quick thinking and taking advantage of being so close to the ship.

    Hope your cruise was a great one.

  • great video! we are cruising on the dream in april. this is the first video where it looks like two people are on the same ride/tube. can i take my younger child with me on the ride??

  • Karen, I was told there is a height restriction on the ride (48″ I beleive). Even if an adult is willing to ride along, under 48″ is not allowed. Between 48″ and I want to say 54″, the child has to ride with an adult. 54″ and over okay to ride on their own. Not sure alot of folks know this and it certainly disappointing for those that dont realize until on board. I can see alot of tears. Disney should revisit this, especially if a parent is willing to tag along through the tube, I can’t see a parent getting stuck in the tube, which was a problem with solo riders uner 54″ when they hit a bit of an incline during the ride.

  • We are going on this ship in April, spring break. Thanks for the video, my daughter and husband are excited. Will provide some updates when we get back.


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