Happy Endings? A Tale Of Two Socks & A Luxury Cruise

Sorting through my luggage at home in the south of Sweden:

  • Tuxedo, check
  • Formal shirt, check
  • Dark shoes, check
  • Leisure attire, check
  • Work-out clothes, check
  • Socks, uh-oh

My suitcase was indubitably deficient in that it contained only two pair of black socks – for a 12-day luxury cruise on Crystal Symphony, no less. What to do?

With no time to shop in town, I did what any smart shopper would do: I tapped the space bar to wake up my MacBook Air. I then typed in those magical letters, amazon.com, entered my search phrase “socks for a luxury cruise” and waited for Safari’s browser interface to return my treasure.

Yes, there were socks, lots of them, a treasure trove of socks. My eyes settled on “Gold Toe Men’s Metropolitan Dress Sock, Charcoal, 3-Pack Sock.” And then I read the best part: $12 – for three pair.

In Sweden, I could possibly find a single pair of socks for $12, but they likely would come from someone’s laundry basket – or trash. Here on that glorious shopping portal called Amazon, I was getting three pair for $12 AND for an additional $3.99, all three pair would be waiting for me in Miami the morning of my cruise departure.

Did it work? From an ocean away and for only $15.99 total, was I able to order three pair of socks and have them delivered before stepping aboard my luxury cruise?

They look nice, don’t you think?



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